Château de Commarque

Between medieval remains and troglodyte dwellings, this castle is a jewel of the Périgord located in the valley of Beune in Les Eyzies-de-Tayac, the world capital of prehistory.

The site holds numerous workshops and demonstrations of medieval arts and crafts.

The adventure of Prehistory in the Middle Ages

At the foot of the cliff is a treasure of cave art: the Commarque cave drawings. Discovered in 1915 by Abbot Breuil, Mr Pierre Paris (then owner of the castle of Beyssac) and his sons who were exploring the caves of the region.

34 drawings have been counted, including a magnificent horse sculpted in relief and numerous anthropomorphic figures: pregnant women, female profiles, etc. The cave was declared a historical monument in 1924. It is not open to visitors for conservation reasons, but you can discover the Commarque prehistoric cave by a photo exhibition screened in the castle’s great hall!

As for the castle, you can tour it independently or with the help of a guide who knows the building’s every secret.

During your visit, discover :

  • the prehistoric cave of Commarque through a photo exhibition and a video projected in the keep’s great hall
  • cave dwellings
  • the medieval fort and the Roman keep which dominates the valley of La Beune.

You can also take part in workshops and activities relating to the different periods of the site.