Château de Castelnaud

A 12th century fortified castle with an exceptional view over the Dordogne valley.

Renowned for its rich collection of medieval weapons and armour, this castle is also the setting for demonstrations of ancient skills and the handling of medieval weapons of war.

Your visit

During your visit, discover life-size reconstructions of medieval war machines, as well as an important collection of weapons and armour. Since 1985, this castle has housed the Museum of War in the Middle Ages.

The self-guided tour is assited by a wealth of signage, interactive terminals and models. The evolution of fortification and siege techniques is also evoked by a slide show, films and video games.

You will discover the life of the lords of Castelnaud with the medieval-inspired garden and the furnished keep.
Finally, throughout the year, many events are organised at the castle: trying out armour for children, shooting demonstration, night show…